Poems About Love
A second collection of love poetry by John


I wrote this for my middle son Andrew when he Graduated from High School.

My middle son Andrew's High School Graduation picture

June 13, 2006

Our son Andrew is a United States Marine.
He is a LCP - (E-3) with the USMC - "Rifle Sharpshooter" - Weapons Qualification Badge.

Graduated Marine Basic Training on November 17th 2006.
Graduated Marine Combat Training on January 23th 2007.
Graduated Combat Engineer Training on March 29th 2007.

Service Banner, Yes Andrew is serving overseas.

My middle son Andrew's Marine picture

I wrote this for my oldest son John Jr. when he Graduated from High School.

My oldest son John Jr's High School Graduation picture

June 12, 2003

Our son John graduated on May 13th 2006 from college at PCT (Pennsylvania College of Technology) with two Associates degrees. The first one is for "Electronics Technology Computer Automation Maintenance Emphasis" and the second one for "Electronics Technology Communications/Fiber Optics Emphasis".

He graduated again on May 17th, 2008 with his bachelor's degree in "Electronics Management".

He is currently living and working in Maryland.

My oldest son John Jr's Final College Graduation picture

My oldest son John wrote this poem in High School.
In Memory of those who lost their lives in a war trying to protect their families.
May we never forget about them or their families.

We Remember       July 17, 2003

My next oldest son Andrew wrote this poem in Middle School.
In Memory of those who lost their lives on September 11th 2001.
May we never forget about them or their families.

Forever I Wish       March 09, 2002

A poem dedicated to my mother, and for all the mother's in the world.

A Mothers Love       May 5, 1998

A poem dedicated to my father, and for all the father's in the world.

A Father's Love       June 18, 1998

As the old man nears the end, he tries to recapture his lost love.

Love Long Gone       February 29, 2004

When we have been hurt too much we may tend to lock away our feelings,
and hide the key so that we don't get hurt again.

Then that one special person comes along and.....

The Key       February 20, 2005

As we go through life time seams to be passing us by sometimes,
as we watch our children grow.

Then it's their time to step out and start their own lives.

Time Goes By       August 25, 2005

This poem was dedicated to Andrew & Amy, my middle son and his now ex-girlfriend.
They had been inseparable since they started going out.
When she went off to college three states away where her family had moved back too.
Time apart and the distance finely took its toll, they are still good friend and only time will tell.

Two Hearts As One       September 5, 2005

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